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Smoked Turkey (DEPOSIT)

Smoked Turkey (DEPOSIT)

This is a DEPOSIT ONLY.  Final amount will be calculated at time of pick up.  If you are not picking up in our shop we will contact you for final payment.  

Please indicate in Notes at checkout the approximate size of the turkey you'd like and we will do our best to get it exact! 

Our Smoked Turkeys have become a family favorite for many! You can't beat the juicy deliciousness, and it takes the stress out of the main course!

Don’t feel like cooking for the holiday? No problem order a Smoked Turkey from Daves Meat Service and let us take care of the turkey task this Thanksgiving!

Whole turkeys are available already smoked and will just need to be warmed up. These turkeys are pre-cooked therefore the size accounts for reduction in size from a fresh bird.  The cost per pound is $5.99