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It’s that time of year again, family gatherings and a roasted turkey are around the corner!  And this year more than ever gatherings are a time to be spent with those who are closest to us. Keep your time with your loved ones stress free and easy.  Don’t feel like cooking for the holiday? No problem order from Daves Meat Service!  It's just going to be a small gathering, no problem order from Daves Meat Service, we have a la carte options!  Eating somewhere else but want to enjoy the leftovers for the long weekend, no problem order from Daves Meat Service, our meals are ready to cook you can heat them up whenever you like!

Whole Turkeys

Whole turkeys are available already smoked and will just need to be warmed up. We also offer fresh turkeys to prepare it any way you like! Fresh turkeys are available in 16-20 lbs. and 20-24 lbs., smoked turkeys are available in 11-14 lbs. or 14-17 lbs.

Smoked Hams

Hams are also available in half (7-8 lbs.) or whole portions (15-17 lbs.)!

Thanksgiving Dinner For All!

One 12lb-13lb Turkey smoked, and all of your favorite Daves Meat Service sides to feed 8-12 people! ALL for the low price of $174.95!!  Add an extra side of Fiscalini Bacon Mac n Cheese for $204.95.

Available Sides

Red Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans w/ Bacon, Traditional Sausage Stuffing, Fiscalini Bacon Mac N Cheese, Homemade Cranberry Sauce, Dinner Rolls ALL SIDES SERVE 8-12 PEOPLE